Give Meaning to your Screenshots
and Bookmarks.

Review Web Designs.

Save screenshots & links you like, bookmark your favorite pages, and comment on websites & web designs. Yizy can significantly reduce the feedback time between clients and developers to help you save valuable time and resources and make your design & development more efficient.
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Client Feedback on Websites

Made Yizy-er!

Yizy-Easier feedback between the client & developers. Review & Comment Web Designs. Get CSS Codes from Webpages. Organize under one Collection.
Time spent conducting meetings and highlighting issues can be time utilized to make your designs more efficient. Reducing communication overload frees up more time for development teams. Yizy can help in making your website approval process more efficient and less time consuming.

Keep your Bookmarks Organized!

Bookmarks in different browsers & screenshots on different devices make it a mess to keep track of your favorite things. Keep everything organized with Collections, Sources, and Inspirations. Let’s make it Yizy!

Now you can access your bookmarks and screenshots from anywhere thanks to Yizy. Yizy accomplishes more than your screenshot extension as it allows you to tag and make collections to keep everything organized. View your data from any device and any browser.


Click & Save

Keep your favorite links and screenshots close to your heart with a single click. You can use the Yizy extension on Chrome or Edge. You can also use the Yizy website to do this. Yizy is so much more than a screenshot extension.

Yizy-ly Sorted

Sort and organize your screenshots & links. Organize your bookmarks with collections, tags and notes to keep everything tidy.

Whenever, Wherever

Access your data on all devices from anywhere, anytime. Get rid of your bookmarks’ & screenshots’ mess due to multiple browsers and devices.


Share your collections with friends and teams to improve collaboration and reduce communication time.

Yizy Searching

Easily organize and filter with tags to find what you need in an instant.

Review & Design

Review and comment on websites to facilitate communication between clients and developers. Developers can use Yizy to get design ideas, CSS Codes, and color pallets through “inspirations” from other websites. Try it for Free

Try it for Free

Get started with your free trial for 14 days. If you think our service adds value to your life, come and join us.

What we are working on

Team Work
Enable access to your collection by coworkers, family or the entire web.
Import & Export
Move-in or move out from at any time you want.
Machine Learning to avoid duplication.
More Browser Extensions
Making the Yizy extension available on Firefox and Safari web browsers.


Each plan has 14 days trial and can be cancelled anytime!


$ 23.00 19.00 /


Monthly Package


$200.00 180.00 /


Yearly Package


Yizy works best with the Yizy extensions.