How to: Taking Online Screenshots

Screenshots and bookmarks always come in handy as they help you save your favorite things on the internet that you can view for later. Maybe you like a picture, a quote, or simply the design of a website that needs saving so you can share with your friends or take inspiration for your own work. There are a lot of ways to take screenshots but not many are effective in giving you an organized structure to save your inspirations from pictures and websites on the internet. You can use a screenshot extension or simply capture your screen and paste it into Paint or Word!

Taking a Screenshot on Windows

Simply press the “PrtScr” button to capture your entire screen. Depending on the device you are using you might need to press “Alt + PrtScr” or “Fn + PrtScr” to capture your screen. Simply paste into Paint or Word and you can even paste these screenshots into Emails, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Taking Screenshots of Websites

Websites are scrollable and don’t fit into a single screenshot. You need a reliable tool and a useful screenshot extension to completely capture web designs. YIZY allows you to capture complete screenshots of websites, comment on a design, tag webpages, and get their CSS codes on any device. Screenshots captured on YIZY can be viewed from any device and makes your inspirations organized.  Just insert the link to your website and see the magic happen.

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