How it works

Yizy is a Unique Bookmark Management Platform for Web Designers, Front End Developers, Graphic Designers, or anyone who wants to Manage their Bookmarks, Screenshots, Images and Inspirations!

Yizy uses a web browser extension to bookmark a website, take a screenshot of the current page and automatically pull in relevant information, such as color palettes and CSS property, from the page source. It also allows you to put both Comment and CSS annotations on your screenshots and images. The CSS annotation includes CSS properties of any selected part of a web page being screenshot (pulled automatically from the website).

On your dashboard, you will see three Categories: InspirationsSources and Collections. Any screenshot or Image uploaded on Yizy is found in Inspirations. The URLs (website addresses) saved can be found in SourcesCollections is like a folder for Inspirations (e.g. Images) and Sources (e.g. URL) you wish to save in. Every InspirationSource, or Collection is taggable and can be easily searched in the “Search” toolbar by either Keyword or Tag or both.

You can also use yizy without an extension in times when you are not on your PC, using somebody else’s computer, using your phone…etc. Without the extension, you will be able to manually add images, screenshots, and bookmark websites, and categorize them in SourcesInspiration, and/or Collections accordingly.

We currently have the Yizy extension available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. Firefox and Safari extensions will be available soon!

Yes, you can use it on your phone! However, you won’t be able to benefit from some features of the extension like the automatic pull up of CSS properties.

Press “c” to create a Collection“s” to create a Source“i” to create an Inspiration


Each subscription model has 14 days of free trial without any limitations or interruptions. If you don’t cancel your subscription by the 14th day, you will be charged either $19(Monthly) or $180(Annually) depending on your subscription choice.

You can cancel your subscription anytime and will use all Yizy’s features fully until the end of your subscription. You can do this by going on Settings in your dashboard and clicking Cancel under Your Subscription. You will still have access to your dashboard too even when your subscription is canceled or expired.

We, unfortunately, don’t offer refunds 🙂


Email us at info@yizy.com or DM us on Instagram for any inquiry you have and we will happily get back to you as soon as possible