Benefits of using Next Generation Screenshot Application

To use images and screenshots offline, various screenshot applications are used. Sometimes, there is no option on your laptop screen to download the image. At that time, users prefer to take quick screenshots so that they can make selections offline.

Different users who use the internet for the whole day, take a screen capture of the images which they love and for their work. Among these users, graphic designers and website developers are the two vocations that greatly require high-pixel screenshots to build eye-catching websites and designs.

To fulfill the modern needs of developers, YIZY is the best Next Generation Screenshot Application. It goes well for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge like search engines. If you were searching for a convenient and affordable screenshot extension for these platforms, then YIZY suits you well. YIZY is a popular screenshot application developed in Canada.

It is very easy to do work on YIZY. You can put annotations and comments on your screen captures in YIZY. The next benefit of YIZY is that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This means, when you are not at your PC, you can get access to YIZY on your smartphone without an extension. After you have subscribed to the monthly or yearly plans of YIZY, you will see three Categories-Inspirations, Sources and Collections under which all your data will be managed in an organized manner. In Inspirations, you can manage your images and screenshots, in Sources, you can add your crucial URLs and under Collections, both Inspirations and Sources lie. Join YIZY at:

Apart from these, you can give the command to YIZY which part of the screenshot you want or which needs to be removed. You will not need to tackle with a mashup of bookmarks, links, images and screenshots, YIZY will automatically organize it. Thus, it saves a number of hours. Moreover, YIZY helps you review and comment on websites to make your job easier with your client. Besides all these features, YIZY allows the new users to use it FREE for 14 days.