10 Most Popular Websites for Social Bookmarking

Social media plays an essential role in digital marketing and this is where Social bookmarking websites come in. Bookmarking websites and screenshot extension for chrome and other popular browsers often complement each other. Individuals share their posts, images, and videos on bookmarking websites. There are several advantages of social bookmarking websites. For instance, they help to increase your brand’s awareness.

In other words, the more people with access to your content, the sooner your content is likely to go viral

Social bookmarking websites also help indexing content much faster while increasing traffic to the website. It is a part of every SEO company’s marketing strategy. Here, we are mentioning 10 Popular Websites for Social Bookmarking to drive traffic.

1.     Twitter

While Twitter may not be the first website to pop into your mind for posting content, it still has a huge audience. It is an efficient forum for publishing your content.

Users use it to post their links, content and images that are worthy of a revisit.

2.     Pinterest

Pinterest is all about the visual marketing approach.  It has around 70 million users. Most of its users are females with an account online. It is mainly known for sharing images and GIFs and Videos.

Over half of the frequent users consult on Pinterest before they make a buying decision. Posts on Pinterest are called Pins. You can make a Board to make a group of Pins falling under the same category. Pinterest helps rank your site in Images.

3.     StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is yet another bookmarking website. It is a great source of free traffic to a specific webpage, which can be a page within a website, an image, or even a video. StumbleUpon is an eBay-owned company. It has a Google page rank of number eight with around three million registered users to like, share and review your website’s content.

4.     Dribble

Dribble is an excellent bookmarking website particularly created for architects. It is used for displaying client made artwork. It is the best platform to find as well as to associate with architects from all over the world. If you are an architect, it is a great place to get more traffic to your website.

5.     Pocket

Pocket is among the world’s leading bookmarking services. It is very simple to use where users only need to save the URL of the page which they want to read later. Pocket is available in both free and paid versions.

6.     Digg

Digg possesses a Google page rank of number seven. A listing on Digg.com can help you improve the ranking listing for your website’s certain search terms.

If your website is featured on the Digg.com’s home page, you will certainly get a lot of traffic as well as several new readers, as many bloggers read the posts on Digg.com regularly.

7.     Reddit

Reddit is an American social bookmarking website where users get breaking news. The number of users on Reddit increases every year. It is free software that allows users to share their photos and links. You can use it to share things happening with you, spread knowledge, and as well as discuss issues with others. It is actively used for creating quality backlinks.

8.     Slashdot

Slashdot is the perfect social bookmarking website for tech-geeks. The users of Slashdot can submit and share their gaming content along with cloud computing, computer hardware, security management, and much more.

9.     We Heart It

We Heart It is an image-based social bookmarking website. It features images of several types. You can tag your image as a social bookmark here. It focuses on visual inspiration.

10.     Scoop.It

Scoop.It is a bookmarking website for chrome that caters to businesses along with non-profits organizations and corporations. This site has around 1 million registered users. It also has a Google page rank of seven. Scoop.It has both free and paid plans. You can choose from either one of the plans, depending on how many categories you want to publish on your website.


These were the top 10 popular social bookmarking sites with screenshot extension for chrome that you must use to enhance your content marketing strategy. You can benefit from the user presence on these social bookmarking websites to market your content.

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